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Girl: Wow, what you just said sounded like something Abed from Community would say.
Me: That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

Darkness Has Need of Aid!

So I’ve looked in pretty much every place I can think of to find such a thing, but I’m looking for a DEFINITIVE list of all of the music Konishi Katsuyuki has done! I’ve found things here and there, mostly about the Loveless Vocal Album and Hetalia stuff, but I’d really like to have a checklist so I can get it all! He’s been my favorite seiyuu basically since I knew what one WAS, so it’s absurd that I don’t already have it! Anyone know where I can find such a thing, or feel like trying to compile a list?

Thanks, I’ll try there!

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If this gets 200k notes by the time I graduate (June 2014), I’ll do this across the stage after receiving my nursing diploma.









Worthwhile cause.

there better be a damn video

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There BETTER be a friggin’ video

I normally don’t reblog my own post but this was necessary. OH MY GOD PEOPLE I PROMISE THERE WILL BE A VIDEO.

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